About Us

Mustafa Bahadir Silifke

Diploma: Faculty of Economy, University of Istanbul

Experiences: Worked in sale department at Group d’ECA (Producer Industry)

Worked as a Product Manager and Researcher Market in Paşabahçe Group (Producer of glass),

Worked as a Sales Director at Guris (Electronic Producer Company)

Created his own company and worked for 15 years (sold electronics, durable goods and home goods to all over Turkey),

Went to Azerbaijan, Georgia and  Russia in 1990s in order to perform various business,

He did research in 20 countries about the North or Central Africa for 10 years, participated in fairs and currently works as an adviser to various companies on different objects and exported goods (for Morocco-Algeria-Tunisia-Libya-Egypt-Lebanon-Ghana-Burkina Faso- Nigeria-Senegal-Ivory Coast-Guinea-Kenya-Ethiopia etc ..),


1 thought on “About Us

  1. Nadia


    We are manufacturers of protective clothing / safety wear. We make specialised and none specialised overalls. We can handle dust coats,security garments,aprons,maiden uniforms etc.We manufacture and supply to the distributors. Please consider my company for future RFQ’s or enquiries.

    info@ceasefirepc.co.za – 0317022361
    Nadia Limalia
    Admin Manager

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